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www.bestbuy.com - A neat website to buy all kinds of TV’s, Stereo’s and other electronics.

www.newegg.com - A great website to buy computers & other consumer electronics at great prices.

www.namecheap.com - An awesome domain registrar to register your domain name at.

www.egeekuniverse.com - A cool website with a lot of nice consumer electronics stories & information.

www.amazon.com - A website for great deals on everything from electronics to DVD’s & more.

www.perbia.com - A great website to find a great domain name as well as other domain information.

www.ebay.com - The online auction website to buy electronics or just about everything.

www.macrumors.com - A website to find out all the latest rumors about Apple Inc. products.

www.youtube.com - An awesome website to watch video clips of just about anything.